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Lady Macbeth meets Mother Mary

Feminine Power from Worldly to Divine!


W.A.Mozart, Clara Schumann, V.Bellini, G.Verdi, B.Britten and more!

Contemporary Composers

Leah Ofman and Nyokabi Kariuki

Music and Shakespeare

Favorite Melodies and Beloved Characters



Brianna Weckerly Soprano

Rachel Wilson Soprano 

Constance Rogalski Soprano

Katrin Bulke Soprano

Gudrun Buhler Soprano 

Hannah Kramer Mezzo-Soprano 

Cathrine Miller Pianist

Claudia Schaer Violinist

Michele Marzulli Cello

Sylvie De Lourdes Dancer

Delfina Giuntini Actress

Leah Ofman Composer

Nyokabi Nariuki Composer


Performers and Program are subject to change.

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